Esfera Ensemble | Contemporary Classical Ensemble
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Slide background PAÍS DE LA AUSENCIA MUSIC & IMAGE v Esfera Ensemble is a collaboration with several visual artists
to create a multidisciplinary performance around the nucleus of music.
Slide background PAÍS DE LA AUSENCIA PHOTOGRAPHY v The performances makes a journey through photographies taken at one of the
most emotive traditions held in Spain, Eastern Processions
Slide background PAÍS DE LA AUSENCIA v POEMS AND PAINTINGS Compositions inspired in poems by Federico García Lorca, Gabriela Mistral and Juan Carlos Mestre
Accompanied by paintings from two spanish artists
Slide background PAÍS DE LA AUSENCIA v ANIMATION MOVIES A serie of animation movies have been created by artist Juan Antonio Baños,
following the music motives with paintings in movement

he performance País de la Ausencia (Land of absence) is a contemporary music concert interacting with projected images created by different visual artists. The confluence of music, photographs, paintings, animation and video-art, takes the audience on a journey through Spanish traditions, fantasy worlds and poems.